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What if you could take your Home Office anywhere?



Ongoing Project

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Praneet Mathur


C#, JavaScript, Python


Gurugram, India

What is it about?

Remote productivity - at scale or for an individual, relies heavily on the work environment. We aimed to build a virtual office environment for remote work, centered around the user and their preferences. We designed the application for transitional remote productivity.

Imagine travelling with a dual 4K monitor setup, your high-end desktop PC and other utilities and trinkets from your office - but it all fits in a small hamper-sized case

Our Virtual Office Solution allows you to do exactly that and even more.

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The Challenge

Is it possible to ensure maximum remote productivity from anywhere in the world? Could the office become a virtual environment, or an augmentation on the real environment?

Can a user-centric XR productivity application be as effective as our traditional idea of a productive environment?
Can remote collaboration and remote desktop access be enabled securely?
Can such a multitude of features be packed into a single application without performance issues in standalone VR?

Can we build something that surpasses the existing solutions available online? Below are some existing solutions that we tested:

  • Immersed
  • Desktop+ (Steam)
  • Spatial
  • vSpatial
  • AltSpaceVR
  • Virtual Desktop
  • Meta Horizon Workrooms
  • Rec Room
  • Rumii
  • Mozilla Hubs
  • Spot
  • Mesh
  • BigScreen

Remote, Secure, Accessible and
Customisable Virtual Workspace

1. How to ensure airtight privacy while using the virtual office?

2. How do we enable remote access of IT infrastructure, PCs and other devices through a standalone VR Headset on the network?

3. How much workspace customisability can we enable for the end user (eg. Size, shape and position of monitors)?

The Solution

Our application offers a set of unique advantages. It is built with free and open source libraries, ensuring a low-cost end product. Using the NewTek NDI SDK with OBS, all remote viewing is of broadcasting-grade quality.

The application runs only on the local network. This implies not just airtight privacy, but also the ability to use the apllication with nothing but a Wi-Fi hotspot and no public internet connection; Effectively working like a portable parametric monitor.

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Use cases

Remote productivity has limitless use-cases in nearly all industries, but here are a few key use-cases of our solution:


Extending the display capabilities of your system for more desktop real estate to work with.


The virtual screens can be adaptively changed to various sizes appropriate for collaborative work, presentations or even entertainment purposes and more.


Simultaneous remote access to multiple systems at once without the need to physically be present near the systems.

We aim to make VR productivity accessible to everyone.

Please reach out to us if you would like to collaborate / contribute to this project.

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