Dronah XR Application

Digital Visualization of Heritage through the means of Augmented Reality


Archviz, AR, XR, Interactive

>200 sqkm

Area covered

>200 sqkm

Structure Area

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Praneet Mathur, Arushi Gupta, Siddhant Jena


C#, Unity


Udaipur, Rajasthan, India

What is it about?

Project started out as an attempt to visualize heritage spaces in all its true glory. Be it relics, artifacts or entire monuments, the mission statement was to visualize these lost world treasures and bring them out into the world to notice and celebrate.

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The Challenge

This was during the second wave of the COVID-19 Pandemic in India. Incentivized, Interactive and Personalized Experiences created specifically for visitors and tourists through location-based mobile applications, augmented reality, on-site interventions and other forms of media.

Interactive, Entertaining and High Fidelity
XR Navigation Experience

1. The aim of the project is to compose an engaging, gamified experience that boosts recall value and information retention, through virtual and digital interventions. Incorporating Architectural principles and Interaction

2. Design ideals into a contextually and culturally sensitive application of low-cost, high-impact technologies like Augmented Reality, Projection Mapping, QR Code Recognition, etc.

3. The general output of this project will be an exclusive mobile application compatible with modern Android and iOS devices. The application can be made publicly available for free on the Google Play Store as well as the iOS App Store.

The Solution

The palace is an intricate architectural marvel, with lots of ornamental detail that is difficult to digitalize. We developed mesh modeling techniques to minimize the model complexity without sacrificing architectural detail. It was also particularly difficult embedding guided tour features like audio tour tracks and points of interest in the holomap.

The Paintings, artifacts are 3D scanned and dropped into the proprietary AR app that helps in Visualizing the treasure in broad daylight, right in the palm of your hand.

Render of Lasa Render of Lasa

XR Tech for the government

Extra revenue generation and ease of access for visitors from any part of the world.
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XR tech for visitors & tourists

Better understanding of design technicalities + Time saved in terms of coordination with the design team.
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XR tools for Designers

One stop solution as any designer can directly detail out the model to be projected in app for the visitors.
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Use cases

So what can you use applications like dronah XR App for? The possibility of use cases is unlimited but here we provide a few use cases to stimulate your imagination!


Interactive navigation experiences for

  • Tourist destinations
  • Malls, shopping complexes
  • Public spaces, plazas
  • Event venues, festivals
  • Corporate parks, office complexes


Blow-up / peel-away details for:

  • Automobiles
  • Products
  • Complex Systems

And many many many more!

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