Pulp Society

Authentic in-gallery AR experience to patrons without the need for a physical trip or a 2D website


AR, XR, Interior Design

The Pulp society project demonstrates how interior designs of museums and art galleries can be made accessible, interactive and entertaining through virtualization of the spatial designs. The result is an immersive experience that makes the audience curious about the spatial design and allows the addition of a new layer of interactivity to the museum. All this without the need of local proximity to the museum.

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Praneet Mathur, Arushi Gupta, Siddhant Jena


C#, JavaScript, (Node.js)


Unity, Sketchup, Enscape

What is it about?

Pulp Society XR App is Virtual Reality application developed by iiterate Technologies for our clients during the pandemic. The entire project started out as an idea to provide an authentic in-gallery experience to patrons without the need for a physical trip or a 2D website.

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The Challenge

Remote, Accessible &
High-Fidelity Experience

1. How to convey carpenters design in a more steamlined & effective manner?

2. How to develop a more interactable form of product which clients can experience rather than just see on paper?

3. The best possible layout and materials that shall resonate the firm’s reputation and position in the industry.

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Art comes in all forms & and specific care is required to project an near accurate representation of the said artworks for the virtual visitors to be able to discern even the finest of details

The Solution

Development started with documentation of the gallery and exhibition artwork in custom formats with depth information. Conveying the tactile nature of the samples was the most crucial part and that could only be achieved with a proprietary process.

The Project was developed in Unity3D, using a framework similar to what we used for Lasa. We also did some research into teleportation mechanics in AR, providing the users with more ‘virtual’ space even in lack of physical space.

XR was implemented in the project at a virtually zero cost to the client. The gallery was able to function 100% digitally during the lockdown, providing it’s patrons with a very unique and near-authentic gallery experience from the comfort and safety of their living rooms.

We were able to reduce costs not only in the construction but also during the design process, effectively implementing this XR solution at virtually zero cost to the client.

Render of Lasa

XR Tech for Virtual Visitors

One major technical achievement was the teleportation mechanism embedded in the experience, effectively virtually expanding the users space and allowing them to traverse the entirety of the large gallery space while confined in a smaller physical space.

Fine Technical Details

There is also the provision to view our gaze heatmaps , which can further be collected for compiling the overall analytics of the gallery.

Use cases

So what can you use applications like pulp society for? The possibility of use cases is unlimited but here we provide a few use cases to stimulate your imagination!


Art gallery, retail stores, museum, art gallery (high traffic and low sale volume)


Footfall and Traffic estimation in malls


XR applications for enabling navigation and interaction


Give a new dimension/ depth/ secret layer to the artwork
  • For property dealers, showcasing sample villas in VR
  • For interior designers -> white labeled interactive interior design experiences

Pulp Society, which is a real life implementation of an internal research project is still looking for improvement and more diverse clientele to engage. We are going to add compatibility with more modelling applications like SketchUp, Revit and Blender, followed by a wide range of client apps - VR, Web and even MR. If you would like to contribute to it’s development, write to us!

Art Gallery demonstration

Footfall & Traffic estimation

XR applications for enabling navigation and interaction

Smarter Villa tours

White labeled interactive interior design experiences

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